Sunday, September 30, 2007

Six Gap 2007

First time to ride Six Gap, and first organized century ride with Escher. Met up with Billy D. at the top of Unicoi, and then rounded out the group with Mike M. on Wolfpen Gap. Perfect weather. The only thing I'd change is to not climb Hogpen (especially), Jacks, and Unicoi two days before Six Gap. Lot of fun. Total Times:

00:00:00 Start
01:41:13 Neels Gap
02:42:03 Jacks Gap
03:21:48 Unicoi Gap
04:06:23 Start of climb to Hogpen
05:03:10 Hogpen Gap (00:56:47 timed)
06:14:32 Start of climb to Wolfpen
06:38:04 Wolfpen Gap (00:23:32 timed)
07:41:11 Woodys Gap
08:39:43 Finish

Saturday, September 8, 2007

2007 Birmingham Bicycle Club Century

Birmingham Bicycle Club Century. Di Anna, Joel and I drove to Alabama Friday evening, ate dinner in Tuscaloosa at the Mellow Mushroom, and stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Calera. Saturday morning we rode the metric century. Highlights: 15 mph headwinds for the first 34 miles; Di Anna surges past 50-rider pelotons to avoid yo-yo-ing pacelines; no rest stop at the metric turnaround; 15 pmh tailwinds for the last 50 kilometers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pedernales Falls

Borders and I were both non-motivated to do much of anything, while at the same time wishing we could do anything! So we drive out to Pedernales Falls SP, one of my all-time fave spots in the LStar state to hang out and watch some liquid nature refold itself into a pleasant swimming hole a few miles downstream. Drove on to the overlook and parked, and then against a wicked bit of southeast wind set off toward Highway 290, some 11 miles distant and over a swarmy succession of 8 to 10% stingers overlaid with dryland cedar and scrub oaks. Borders turns back a tad early leaving me to fend off the leather-clad motorists who are way lost and the ugly gusts on the last hill to 290. Turning around I made half the time and we were happy as two paddlers on a downstream shindig. Truly - these days a chicken leg is a rare dish!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Marie Antoinette

Feeling crosswise with the tequila Borders and I set out from the cabin about 9 miles down the road from Wimberley and headed north to Dripping Springs. Lovely descent through the hill country across a low water bridge or two and then banged up to Driftwood and then Dripping Springs. Stopped at the cemetery and contemplated the benefits of loops versus out-and-backs. The 14 miles to Wimberley was against a stiff headwind and very hilly with lots of long bits in the 6-8% range. Stopped in Wimberley for water and ice cream! The return via 3237 should have been nice with an excllent 15% climb just outside of town - but then some fluent assholes displayed that friendly Tejas spirit and its all we can do to fend off big truck traffic - yee haw! Lucky for us we can cool off in a swank Hill Country pool drinking cervazas fria and lolligaggin with my way cool niece in the shade of cedars and tall grass - Marie Marie Antoinette!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Helotes Ride Report #1

Di Anna and I drove from the hotel in San Antonio to Helotes and parked across the road from Floores Country Store. Unpacked the bikes and headed over to Scenic Loop Rd. The ride was great - we had some low water corssings that were a bit high, and plenty of the short hilly stuff in the 8-12% - Di Anna was hungover and turned around into a stiff breeze at the Scenic Loop Cafe. I continued on looking for the airport, and then found myslef in Boerne (there's a fantastic dance hall here) and turned around at I-10. Took the Babcock-Cielo Vista Loop and encountered more incredible hills - just lots of stingers with occasional 15% grades. After the ride we went Floores Country Store and had a burger and a beer!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ride Report

Nice group to Sturgis via Silver Ridge: Mike, John, Matt, Mike M., Tanner, Di Anna, Joel, Paul, Mary and Kristin. John returns early via 12. Matt, Tanner and Mike M. stronger into Maben ahead of me and Mike. Joel, Di Anna, et al. return via Self Creek-182. Mike and I join up in Maben with others, then faster to Pheba via Hatcher Rd. Stronger riding return 389. Tanner takes sprint ahead of Matt.