Thursday, January 1, 2004


2003 was the first year I started keep a record of my cycling, yet it was only a numerical log - no comments about fascinating stuff like the weather, or fixing flats in the dark, or the buses running over cyclist in College Station. My first groovy bike was something I built up from a now vintage Trek 1000 frame (ca. 2000) that Escher sold me. Between him and a Canadian veterinarian I got up the nerve to do the Waco Wild West Century - and I've returned every year - for me it's the Mecca of organized rides, what with rest stops competing against each other to a degree you can get homeade pastries, and stop at the famous (and fabulous) Mars Bar Candy Factory rest stop on the 50-mile route. That first year and the next a few of us traveled around Texas, riding the hills of East Texas, the flats near Houston, and always looking for an unusual t-shirt to be the prize. It still is. 2003 - 524 miles. 2003 was the year I built up my first bike, a Rambouillet by Rivendell. My first ride on it was a very hot mid-August (8/17/03) metric from College Station to Caldwell - did I say it was hot - man it was hot. 2002 and before - maybe it all adds up to less than that - but the miles - brilliant!