Friday, December 31, 2004

End of the Cycling Season in 2004

Sure enough - I never thought I'd ride as much this year as I did. A lot of it I'm sure had to do with the fact that there was a 13 mile bypass, free of cars in my back yard...well a mile or so from my front yard. Anyway, 2,676 miles seems like a lot to me and it was a lot of fun - especially meeting all the super bike folks in this local neck-o-the-woods. Hope I can get in half as many miles next year - that would be great.

Pay attention when riding in groups. If someone hits your back wheel you'll probably be okay, but if your front wheel touches the back of someone elses...your mangled

Pay attention when riding alone too: cars, uneven pavement, dogs.

Hydration is amazingly important - you almost can't drink too much.

Estimate calorie burn: Calories = (1000*h)+(100*s)-2000, where average speed of the ride (s = speed in miles per hour) and ride time (h = hours).

For most rides all you need is water.

It's easier to get out of clipless pedals than it is toe clips.

Riding in the rain can be fun - especially if the sun pops out, or you're almost home.

I'd rather eat a small bug than have it hit me in the eye.

The draft? Sign me up - slipstreams are aptly named.

Daylight savings time is alright! I say move up the clocks TWO hours in the Summer.

There are the strong riders, and then there are strong riders, and then there's the Rabid Chihuahua.

NuGrape Soda rinses me mash!

Headwinds and hills are exponentially less fun than tailwinds or flatland

Natchez Trace is a great place to ride.

40 miles out without turning around probably means a long ride is yet to come and it'll be windy and hilly all the way back.

City limit signs - where'd everybody go?