Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Witch Dance Metric Century

This is a classic out-and-back metric on the Natchez Trace. The ride starts at Ballard Creek, a historic area and picnic area about five miles South of Mathiston. This is a good staging area for a group ride as well because there's plenty of parking, though there's limited shade. From Ballard Creek ride North, pass Pigeon Roost, and then over highway 82 and northward along a flattish section of the Trace that turns a little more hilly after topping out at about 10 miles (this point is called Eight Mile Hill in some of the routes).

Along the way, you'll pass Line Creek, from there it's a few miles before you reach County Line No. 2, a convenience store in Mantee right off the Highway 46 exit. Then continue on to Old Trace. After Old Trace it's a 10 mile stretch to Bynum Mounds, an ancient memorial and burial site for the Chickasaw Indians. From here you could turn around for a perfect metric, but Witch Dance is only a mile down the road and has lots of shade, rest rooms, and a great story.