Sunday, September 24, 2006

Six Gap 2006

Rainy in Georgia. Zurich did well. Neals Gap longer than expected, but had beautiful twisty bits toward the end. Borders exceeds own expectations. Fifty miles plenty long enough for all the poor weather.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Di Anna's Birthday Metric

Sunday Refuge Metric. Mike, Di Anna, Chris (visiting from NC) and Racer Ron. Being DI Anna's birthday we headed to the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge. Ron was amped up, and the pace a bit higher than she liked and we waited up a little before she said go on, and then we were compato at the Visitor's Center, which was closed. We noodled on, while Ron, needing water, searched for oases. Farther up the ride and Mike and Chris turn back to get Ron. Di Anna and I headed on, and she wished me well as I joined the group, returned from the refreshment, to Bevill Hill. Ron and Chris made a good bit of work on the hill, with Ron topping first. I caught up on the backside and we ambled into Betheden. I was more recovered on the return and rolled across the backside of Bevill with more energy, and then let the racers fly past on the downhill section. Mike held up, and then I followed on as he caught Chris, and then a mile later, Ron. After stopping at the rest rooms for water (there is a well valve outside; though I was the only one to immediately notice), Mike motioned us on that we might catch up to Di Anna - but we didn't realize that she had turend back far earlier than we knew, and the catch wuld not happen. A bit of a sideways wind returning Oktok, and then Ron sprinted to the corner nearing town, but his wheel fell in with a gully, and there being only one way to go, he smartly, and quite deftly rolled down the embankment, and up the other side - unscathed! Mike remarked that he was the only one to sprint and yet still didn't win. Nu Grape soda on return, and Di Anna rolls by the shop later and has one too - Happy Birthday!